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Fashion Industry Marketing

The fashion industry is valued at $1.34 trillion a year and is on a rapid upward trajectory. Fashion is a unique industry in that it’s influenced almost entirely by the perception of what’s “in style” and that is ever evolving. By using public relations and marketing, fashion brand can influence customer perception and create trends rather than simply following trends. Not only will you create trends, but a demand for your products.

We have helped many fashion businesses with our public relations services. We develop a custom strategy to generate or expand brand awareness through pitching media and bloggers for article placement or TV segments. We can design special events to engage the public and the media.

It is important for fashion businesses to have a strong brand identity (design, slogan, etc.) and an effective website that generates new leads and sales, as well as encourages repeat customers. Inbound marketing campaigns combined with targeted Facebook and Instagram ads provide excellent ROI for fashion businesses.

Additionally, social media is more important than ever for fashion industry marketing. Companies benefit from strong social media marketing, and partnerships with influencers and brand ambassadors. Many companies favor tapping into the power of influencer marketing and brand ambassadors over traditional advertising. Additionally, social platforms have evolved to be more shoppable. Instagram Shopping and Pinterest’s shoppable Pins allow consumers who see an item they like to click on it to learn more and  make a purchase.

If your fashion business sells offline, social media and a strong website are still vitally important as they can drastically increase a foot traffic. Technology is becoming more and more capable of connecting online activity to offline results.

Grace & Grit Marketing pairs its fashion obsession with marketing expertise to help fashion industry businesses achieve their goals. We have a great deal of experience marketing fashion-based businesses including magazines, stylists, fashion brands, local boutiques, national retailers, as well as fashion designers and others from the fashion world.

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